Our story

We created Nut-Nom to increase the plant-based options available in Thailand. While there were several options available in UHT format, the taste wasn't as good as freshly made alternatives. So we crafted Nut-Nom to be made in a way that doesn't use high temperatures but can also have a shelf-life comparable to fresh, pasteurized cow's milk. 

We hope that Nut-Nom products can encourage more people than ever to enjoy the health and taste benefits of a plant-based diet.

Jamie and the Nut-Nom team


Our Nutty Promise

Plant-based foods generally have a lower carbon footprint than products derived from animals. To help further we promise to give at least 1% of all sales of Nut-Nom products towards environmental causes. 

The first project we are supporting is a tree growing activity in Rayong province.